Lyme Disease affects a number of Americans amounting 300,000 each year. This causes an alarming threat to the World heath Organizations and it has been reported to increase 10 times more than the usual rate. This year 2015, there are relatively an augment of areas and victims affected by Lyme diseases all over the United States. 

The first signs of Lyme disease are the following: a red, circular, expanding rash that is usually due to the radiating from the tick bite, then followed by joint pains and flu-like symptoms.

After the Borrelia burgdorferi- predominant agent of Lyme Disease- it can infect and inflame many different types of tissues when it enters the bloodstream and eventually causing many diverse symptoms.

Time Magazine has reported just this year, "Lyme disease is not only becoming more rampant in its normal hotspot of the northeast United States, it's spreading across the country." 

Researchers studied that this incident of Lyme disease in the northeastern states increased more than 320 per cent.

Conversely, Lyme Disease Association gathered data that it has been found throughout the world. It is focally endemic in North America, Europe and Asia and considered the most common tick-bone bacteria disease that has been spreading worldwide.

In the United States itself, There has been answerable reports on 90 per cent cases of Lyme Disease.

They also note that the disease appears to be spoken in the States. One big reason why Lyme disease is spiking, according to the CDC report is the unstoppable climate change.

With this increasing cases and affected areas and victims, it threatens the humanity as right now there are still no solutions or treatment that would totally eradicate the said disease.

Treatment and prevention with antibiotics will have to do until they can cope up with this public-health disaster in the long run.

"Primary prevention is something where we're clearly losing the battle on. A safe and effective vaccine could help us turn the tide," Dr. Mead said of Center for Disease Control.