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Skype To be Used In Criminal Trials Investigations

Oct 06, 2015 10:39 PM EDT

Skype Video-conferencing
(Photo : Reuters) Video-conferencing through Skype from the computer

Skype is an IP telephony service provider that offers free calls between subscribers and offer low-cost charge to those who are not. In addition to this, Skype enables texting, transfer of files, video chatting and video conferencing.

Video conferencing is a conduct of video conference done by a set or group of telecommunication technologies that allows two or more locations to communicate through a simultaneous manner - two-way video and audio transmissions. Hence, it is different from videophone calls as it is designed to serve a conference or such as multiple locations rather than one-on-one chat.

This Monday, the Supreme Court will examine when it will be heard as an appeal filed by a rape accused who have opposed the recording of the complainant's statement through Skype.

According to the reports, an Irish citizen as the victim and its 2003 rape case has been pending in the Alipur fast-track court. The victim was allowed to testify from Ireland through Skype, like video-conferencing.

Sujoy Mitra, rape accused has complained about the poor quality on Skype. The woman went to the Indian embassy to let herself be examined, only after Sujoy lawyers protested against her.

Reports added that Manoj V. George, Mitra's lawyer cited that in their case video-conferencing should have not been permitted. It should be only of the witness if the witness belongs to a country who have an extradition treaty with India.

Extradition treaty means a state does not have any obligation to surrender an alleged criminal to a foreign state, due to the principle of sovereignty, in which every state has their legal authority over the people within its borders.

George further said that, India has no extradition treaty with Ireland and if the court finds the complainant telling a lie, how will the court punished the woman?

Last week, Justice JS Kehar heard Mitra's case and agreed to examine whether or not Skype is a correct way of video-conferencing.

George added that Skype is a one-on-one chat and cross-examination of witnesses is not possible and would not be properly done. Unlike video-conferencing where everyone is able to see each other simultaneously, such as the prosecutor, judge, defense counsel and the accused.

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