Illnesses similar to Lyme disease are found out to be spreading through Ticks. Most of the symptoms are headache, muscle pains, fever and fatigue, which is apparently resistive to antibiotics. A growing number of people in the United Kingdom are alarmed by what is causing the disease and why medicines are not helping them in easing the pain.

Experts found the disease were carried by a drug resisting parasite called ticks. Researchers from Public Health Laboratory at Porton Down found out that the bacterium that is causing the disease is called Borreliamiyamatoi, which is a bacteria found on deer. 

Apparently there is no reported infection yet in the UK. However, there are already 18 cases being diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. The complexity of the disease doubles up since it has the same effects as to Lyme disease. Only a handful of ticks were found carrying the bacteria, but it is possible for their numbers to multiply in just a short span of time.

"The difficulty about this bacterium is that it causes a relapsing fever so can be misdiagnosed as flu, or other viral infections, and early treatment with antibiotics not given," Stella Huyshe-Shires of Lyme disease Action "Patients who were not diagnosed and not treated appropriately run the risk of more serious consequences, as can happen with Lyme disease."

Out of the 954 samples of ticks, only three were found positive with Borrelia miyamotoi, which just is a very little percentage. But according to researchers alarm bells should be ringing since this disease can easily start an outbreak, given that its symptoms are very common and hard to distinguish from other form of diseases. A wrong diagnosis of the disease may result in a dangerous situation for the patient and some other serious consequences. The origin of the bacteria is found out to be in the UK and a number of people are already complaining about feeling the same symptoms listed under the new disease.