A new study shows that nicotine dependence on cigarettes can be trimmed off in some extent. The researchers show that users that switch to using low nicotine content cigarettes tend to smoke less and may actually stop their smoking habit in the future.

Neal Benowitz, MD stated in his published commentary that by varying the amount of nicotine present in cigarettes or minimizing its content will give the smokers a lesser habit as well as newcomers will be prevented from becoming addicted to smoking. This same principle was applied to the latest study published just this month by Dr Eric Donny. He suggested a strategy to wean off smokers is by decreasing the amount of nicotine in the cigarette.

The study was conducted  for 840 participants and all are heavy smokers. The researchers asked them to report the number of cigarettes they finished a day and compare it to the number that they normally have before the test. 

Modified cigarettes were used in the experiment to really assess if the hypothesis is true. The participants were also assessed about their withdrawal syndrome issues and behaviour while the experiment is ongoing. After the experiment, the researchers observed the pattern created by the varying nicotine level showed positive results. The researchers have found out that the  difference between those who smoke cigarettes with higher nicotine level and those who smoke with lower levels of nicotine have gone down by 25 percent.

The participants who consumed lower levels of nicotine has reported lower symptoms of nicotine dependence, which makes a good case in proving that lower level of nicotine would help weaning off addiction to smoking. The group is looking forward into greater studies on the matter. They also stated that the study is not pointed out in putting a stop in cigarette smoking, rather it's just to show that minimizing the consumption of nicotine is actually healthy for the body.