Most of the wearable device nowadays with Android integration has a lot of added features than its earlier launched device. Before it only acts as a notifier. It vibrates whenever the user has an incoming call, message or an email received. However, today there are a lot of more features that this wearable device offers to the public.

It is quite noticeable that Android Watches only work before if they are linked with a smartphone, otherwise it will only work as an mp3 player that can tell time. But with the latest update for its Android operating system, it can finally work as a standstill device.

Smartwatches can now support cellular connection through LTE network, thus enabling the device to send and receive messages and even make some calls, and the device acts as a combo unit for a smartphone. But as announced by Peter Ludwig, the product manager of Android Wear, there is no need to worry over the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection between smartwatch and smart phone. This added feature is a huge win for the Android wear users because the device can now turn into cellular function whenever the connection is out of range.

Unfortunately, these added features will only be available for the new generation of smartwatches spearheaded by the launching of the LG watch urbane. The device already has the new integration out of the box with these new set of added features that requires new hardware and software.

The new 1.4 update of android wear launched by Google also provided new wrist gestures and has a voice alert, which is only available for the smartwatches with the necessary speaker tech. Today, only a handful of watches is capable of this new feature and this includes Asus ZenWatch 2, Huawei watch and LG watch Urbane 2nd edition.

The evolution of smartwatches has been very noticeable due to its very first launching into the public. Design and architecture evolved in a way that it reverted to the more classic watch design with a better software and hardware integration. Most of all it appeals to the basic need and comfort to its consumers.