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Genetic Irregularity Probable Cause Of Alcohol Impulsiveness

Nov 19, 2015 06:59 AM EST

Not all people who usually gets involved in bar brawls after consumption of alcohol are alcoholic
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Forget about being embarrassed by some drunken nightouts where one gets wasted way too fast than his friends or colleagues. One can now say that it is in his genes.

study that was conducted in Finland proves that the capacity to hold one's drinks is somehow in the DNA. Now, we do not know if that is a good thing or not, but it says that certain components in our genes makes us more impulsive after taking alcoholic drinks. The genetic glitch is proven that only 2.2 percent of the population carries this mutation, so that would only be around 100,000 per se.

The Finns first conducted the study in 2010 and identified it with their own people's DNA, most of them have alcoholic problems, violent tendencies and personality disorders. This made it difficult to assess with a larger population.

The information was gathered by Roope Tikkanen of the University of Helsinki from a small group, which consists of 14 participants who have the mutation and 156 control participants who do not have. Although there were no violent offenders, the carriers have more violent or aggressive outburst after consumption of alcohol, even getting into fights and displaying impulsive behavior.

The consumption was measured, and it proved that the carriers were not alcoholics; however, these subjects cannot help the tendency to lose control after having a few drinks. He recorded everything in his journal, "Translational Psychiatry."

Tikkanen said in an interview with the Guardian, "We wanted to take a look at healthy people in the general population to check if this mutation had any effects. The most interesting finding was that it caused impulsive behavior while under intoxication, and that included impulsive sex, impulsively spending money, and driving under the influence. When they are sober they have a tendency towards impulsivity, but our discovery is that it will be enhanced by small amounts of alcohol."

The said mutation occurs when the so-called HTR2B or 2B serotonin is disrupted, which is linked to decision-making and self-control and also relative to moods. As per study, 100,000 Finns carry the mutated gene. Although this study was conducted in Finland and its people, Russians are also assumed to be a carrier of the genes too.

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