The AMOLED technology is in a way monopolized by the Korean tech company, Samsung. Over the years Samsung and iPhone have been battling at the top of the race for their smartphone line of devices. This year Apple Inc. is closing a deal with Samsung to create an AMOLED panel for its next flagship device, iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 is not yet in the market, but there have been rumors that the device will be released a bit earlier than expected. The rumors started a discussion of what the device may bring to the table this time. The iPhones are one of the most awaited and purchased devices in the market.

The records show that during the opening of sales of iPhone devices, millions of units were sold within an hour. Apple is currently working on at least five iterations of iPhone 7, and that is according to a rumor that came from China.

The only known information about its specifications is that the company is ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which would make some of the users wonder why. Apparently, the company is trying to make the phone design thinner than its predecessor and is working on a technology that replaces the lightning port with a USB type C connector, which at the same time can be compatible with a headphone. The 3.5 mm is considered as the industry standard for headphones, but  Apple is willing to take a U turn on this matter and prompt the use of a slimmer headphone jack that the company already filed a patent.

The company also opted for the use of the famous AMOLED panels of Samsung. The deal is in progress and positive results are expected. However, most of the rumors about iPihone 7 are yet to be disclosed by the company, and the longer it held back information about the product, the greater the anticipation builds up in the public.