Chromecast Audio is one of the latest products released by Google. It is defined as a small pluggable device that can be connected to speakers for music streaming purposes through the use of Wi-Fi. And just a few days ago, the company released a multi-room support for the product.

The small device that first came out last September can bring Internet music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora to any speakers with at least 3.55 mm, RCA, or optical input. Early Chromecast users can control playback by opening the streaming site through a proper device such as a tablet or laptop.

Now with the release of the multi-room support, the users can now connect different Chromecast adapters all throughout the house and group them for simultaneous music playing purposes. Each of the groups will then appear as options in the main music device. This feature will also allow the users to set different kinds of music per group.

Since the new feature is released, product manager Tomer Shekel has written in his blog entry that any Chromecast user can now play sync their home speakers and invite people to act as DJs. Even though it is a remarkable feature, Google is not the first one to do it. The  multi-room feature is first presented by the Sonos App.

Aside from the multi-room features that the new Chromecast Audio boasts, its sound's quality has also been upgraded. The Google company is now allowing the device to go up to 96 KHz/24 bit gapless playback. This allows the users to enjoy a top quality audio; it can also be helpful for owners of high-end audio equipment, but unfortunately you'll still need to find a music streaming device that supports this type of playback.

Google's Chromecast Audio that has been released last September stands at a $35 price.