Asthma is a common respiratory condition that affects the lungs and one's breathing, therefore limiting the things that its victim can do. However, it was found in a recent study that those people suffering from asthma also have a higher risk of acquiring a painful skin rash called 'shingles.'

The team of researchers reviewed medical records of potential shingles patients in Olmsted County, Minnesota. Out of all these records, 371 cases of them turned out to be positive. These patients who aged average of 67 were compared against a control group of 721 people. The researchers found out that out of the 371 affected by shingles, over 87 individuals or 23 percent also had asthma. This is higher than the 15 percent registered in the control group.

The researchers analyzed it after they came up with the results and were able to come up with the conclusion that adults with asthma have over 70 percent higher chances of acquiring shingles compared to those who don't have the respiratory condition. They also noted that asthma and atopic dermatitis are related to the higher risk of acquiring shingles in all individuals.

According to lead author Dr. Young Juhn, a general academic pediatrician and asthma epidemiologist at the Mayo Clinic Children's Research Centre, the effects of asthma and its infection can lead to an immune system dysfunction and may cause damage not just on a person's airways but also on the other parts of the body.

Other researchers backed up his hypothesis by stating that since asthma can weaken the foundation immune system, viruses such as shingles or also known as herpes zoster can enter and infect the body. Dr. Juhn added that asthma is still an unrecognized symptom of shingles in adults. Therefore, people with asthma whose age over 50 should be prioritized and given vaccination in order for them to avoid acquiring the herpes zoster virus.