The American computer giant, Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HP), unveiled its newest personal computer model, HP Sprout Pro. First introduced in 2014, HP Sprout Pro will now include cameras that can scan objects and 3D print them on-site.

HP comes up with a new design for its highly touted personal computer, HP Sprout. HP Sprout will have a "Pro" moniker on its name after it received a massive feature update that includes 3D printing and virtual reality.

The HP Sprout was originally a 3D-scanning computer aimed for hobbyists, creatives, and technology enthusiasts. Now, the HP Sprout Pro aims to reach children since the all-in-one business computer is now also marketed towards schools.

"Sprout Pro by HP transforms a classroom desk space into a digital and physical workspace that allows teachers to inspire in a more natural, intuitive, and creative way," HP Inc.'s VP for Education, Gus Schmedlen, said.

The original Sprout had an overhead projector that projects images to a touch mat allowing users to interact with it. The 3D object scanning feature was already added to last year's model through update. The new Sprout Pro will already have this feature out of the box including a license of Windows 10 operating system.

The HP Sprout Pro also imbues Skype with Sprout Pro-specific features like Sprout 2D capture and annotation through the Skype whiteboard via the Sprout pen and mat.

Images generated via Sprout Pro can either be in Autodesk or any other 3D Builder software that will turn these images into tunable, re-shapeable, among other alterations including cropping and coloring with the use of bare hands over the Touch Mat.

The HP Sprout Pro have top of the line specs with an Intel Core i7 Skylake as its processor. The graphics card for this model is Nvidia GeForce GT 945A. Random access memory is at 8GB DDR4. The PC unit costs US$2,199 (AU$3,173) and will be available next month.