One of the riskiest steps in the manufacture of polio vaccine is growing enormous quantities of required live virus as they could possibly escape into the surrounding environment. This crucial step can now be eliminated with the newly discovered approach in providing vaccines against polio.

According to Science Daily, University of Leeds' research team has found a new approach to modifying VLP (Virus-Like Particles) or "Empty Capsids" through the identification of the occurrence of mutations that enables the virus' structure to become stable as a vaccine. The success of vaccines produced before from VLPs for Hepatitis B, HIV, and Polio are proven to be unstable to produce vaccine in the safest and practical way.

The empty capsid is susceptible when warmed and makes them unstable as a vaccine, however; this damaging change can be prevented through the mutations that were identified during the research. The new stable VLPs are considered as a very appropriate replacement for the polio virus vaccines and do not require the growth of the live virus.

Although polio is proven to have been eradicated in the current era, it is still necessary to have a continual vaccination to prevent it from recurring. The current production of vaccine possesses some biosafety concerns as such the newly discovered approach can solve these issues.

David Rowlands, one of the top researcher of the team stated that their new method of producing the said vaccine was already been proven to work under necessary laboratory aspects and most of all it is actually more stable compared to existing vaccines.  Further research and study are still to be tested to ensure safety and efficacy when administered in humans.

Polio or poliomyelitis is a viral infectious disease that attacks mainly the children. The disease can be transferred through direct contact and often causes permanent paralysis in the limbs. There is no known cure for polio but it can be prevented through immunization. Meanwhile, get to know the newly discovered platform in curing obesity in a safe and natural way; click here for details.