A new species of crab found on the coasts of western Pacific Ocean has been named after the legendary character "Harry Potter". The crab "Harryplax Severus" is named after the popular wizard kid from the fiction world apart from the researcher Harry Conley, who discovered these crabs.

According to National Geographic, "Harryplax Severus" is an inhabitant of the island nation Guam. It lives near coastal waters in the deep beds of rubble and patches of dead coral blocks. "Harryplax Severus" is milky-yellow in appearance and spends most of its time concealed in the shadows of the rubble beds. It adds to the tally of various unique creatures found hiding in the seabed.

"Harryplax Severus" is a fine example of mysterious biodiversity found in creatures like crabs, just like the mysterious professor Severus Snape, who had many secrets hidden at his disposal. For this uncanny resemblance, the crab gets its second name - Severus, the biologists revealed.

According to Phys.org, Harry Conley the discoverer of this species dug through the rubble bed of Guam's coastal areas with his bare hands and found the existence of "Harryplax Severus".  He has been described as a soft-spoken ex-marine with strong determination and complete dedication for his work by his colleagues. Unfortunately, in 2002, he was killed in a calamitous incident by a gunshot on his head.

"Harryplax Severus" has a length of less than a centimeter and has eyes shrunken that are not at all mobile. It has well-developed antennae and long legs, which helps it to survive in dark depths. Reportedly this unique species of crab has only been found on the island of Guam.

The name of the mysterious crab "Harryplax Severus" also stands for the latin word meaning "rigorous". The name also acknowledges the tireless effort and dedication that researcher Harry Conley had shown to find the unique "Harryplax Severus".