Flu vaccine benefits over viral infections. U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have stated that the vaccine is 48 percent effective over viruses including influenza A and B.

According to WebMD, the flu vaccine is 43 percent effective against the strain of influenza A type H3N2 flu while 73 percent effective against influenza B viruses. Brendan Flannery, a CDC epidemiologist stated that although the effectiveness of the vaccine is lesser than the expected results, the effectiveness against H3 viruses is still promising.

This season is considered a moderately severe flu season. Infections are declared to be rising in certain regions of US including Midwest and declining in other places like the Northwest. The flu vaccine was proven to be a good match despite the increasing viral cases.

As reported by CNN, the effectiveness of flu vaccine during 2014-2015 was only at 19 percent. The circulating H3N2 continues to be a dominant virus. The current vaccine is a way much better match for the dominant virus compared to the vaccine utilized two years ago.

Fifty-one out of 54 US states are battled with increasing cases of flu-like illnesses. This season, there were 20 pediatric reported deaths. The CDC therefore recommends that unvaccinated people aging 6 months or older should get a flu vaccine.

Flannery added that about 60,000 hospital admission and 2,000 deaths were prevented through the flu vaccine shot. The effect of the flu vaccine is significant when the entire population is considered.

The efficacy of vaccine is based on what type of virus is dominant and circulating. The flu vaccine is not an assurance that anyone who received it can be freed from contacting virus. However when a vaccinated person got infected, the symptoms is a way milder compared to the symptoms experienced by the person who didn't have the shot.

CDC epidemiologist Lynette Brammer stated that the flu season has not yet reached its highest peak and will continue even through the end of March. Some antiviral drugs are available to prevent complications in people who are at risk but getting a flu vaccine is still a strong prevention remedy.