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'Climate Change' Causes The Increase of Warm-Dwelling Animals And Plants

Feb 21, 2017 12:40 PM EST

Climate Change Causes Birds to Migrate
(Photo : VCG / Stringer) Migrating Birds

Climate change is a possible reason for population change of animals and plants. Study proves the effect brought by change in temperature. 

The year 1980 when scientists have noticed huge changes on the population of warm-dwelling plants and animals in Germany. In a report published by Phys.Org, there was an abrupt increase on the population of birds, beetles, butterflies and even soil and water organisms. The data was based on a study made by scientists in Seckenberg.

Before the problem was identified, a team of researchers headed by Bowler analyzed data from almost 1,000 species. Their study involves long-term trends in the population of species in 22 regions. The data were gathered from Germany, Belgium, North Sea and The Netherlands.

Bowler believes that the collaboration of the team and institutions from different regions is the solutions to this growing ecological problem. She is not mistaken on the idea, which allowed them to point out and confirmed that the abnormal changes in temperature greatly matters.

There was no other proven reason on the abnormal changes beside the rising temperature as an effect of climate change. The changes made the species of plants and animals transfer from one location to another finding the appropriate climate for them.

According to Science Daily, although this sound harmless, it can still cause long-term effects on the population of species. Plants and animals may tend to look for a cold or warm temperature for their habitat and source of food.

This can cause a serious problem in the future, for alien species would migrate and left its nativity alone causing environmental imbalance. Professor Dr. Katrin Bohning-Gaese from the Seckenberg mentioned that warm-dwelling plants and animals have increased in terrestrial communities.

On the other hand, cool dwelling species have shown a rapid decrease. Thus, this obviously means that climate change has a direct impact on the migration of warm-dwelling species causing threats to geographic communities.  Now that the source of the problem was known, the world waits for a new study that will further solve the migration of plants and animals due to climate change.

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