Strange UFO jellyfish creatures were found in the Pacific. The discovery made scientist theorized what space aliens could look like.

According to Daily Dot, based on a footage that was captured by biologists from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a hypothesis was developed. The discovery of the "Rhopalonematid Trachymedusa" or UFO jellyfish made scientists to develop a theory.

The UFO jellyfish that looks exactly like a flying saucer was spotted in NOAA's 2017 American Samoa Expedition. With its opposing tentacles, the UFO jellyfish swam and move like a UFO while it floats through the water, Mail Online reported.

Specifically, the clear video from the exploration called Okeanos Explorer certainly gets their first goal achieved. The research team aims to gather environmental knowledge and discover the not yet discovered species from the ocean.

Scientists were able to dig as deep as 3,000 meters below sea level where they have captured the unknown creatures including the UFO jellyfish. The video showed the translucent outer skin of the UFO jellyfish.

The digestive system, as well as the reproductive organ of the UFO jellyfish, can be viewed noticeably in the video. Along with it were the two sets of the jellyfish' tentacles which are facing alternative directions.

The 2017 American Samoa Expedition started last February 16 up until April. Using an ROV or Remotely Operated Vehicle to capture species at the depth of the ocean the team was able to explore out of this world creatures.

On the first two weeks of the team's exploration, they were able to capture and discover other species aside from the UFO jellyfish. Other distinguished creatures are the "alien looking" hydroid, a fish "out for a stroll" on the sea floor and a "sinister" pick colored anemone that looks like a Venus fly trap.

All of the creatures are beautifully made yet unusual which carries similar characteristics just like what they look like. And just like a UFO in the sky, the UFO jellyfish suddenly zips out of sight after few moments.