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Apple tvOS 10.2 Fourth Beta Update Released

Mar 02, 2017 06:33 PM EST

Apple TV
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Apple released tvOS 10.2 fourth beta update

Apple released the fourth beta of tvOS 10.2 update to developers on February 28. The company released this update just one week after its third beta tvOS 10.2 update. The update should mostly focus on adding minor feature enhancements.

Developers must connect an Apple TV to a computer with a USB cable to install a new code. The developer must download and install the tvOS 10.2 beta from a registered developer account using iTunes or Apple Configurator.

According to Apple Insider, tvOS 10.2 adds things like accelerated scrolling support for UIKit and TVMLKit apps. It also adds support for the Device Enrolment Program and wider Mobile Device Management (MDM) options. But it is not clear what is changed in the fourth beta tvOS 10.2 update.

Apple tvOS 10.2 update will implement support for the VideoToolbox framework that lets user tap directly into hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding functions. Most people knows that VideoToolbox framework is already there is iOS and MacOS.

The last major tvOS update, tvOS 10.1 was released in December 2016. Previous tvOS 10.2 beta update was released on February 20.

As written in 9to5Mac, here is the description of that tvOS update. Nowadays, watching TV has quickly become all about apps. New TV app lets the user have one place to access shows and movies from multiple video apps - in one unified experience.

The app allows the user to see all the favourite movies and shows. Also, the user can find upcoming episodes and get recommendations for new things to watch. The user can start watching a movie or show directly from the TV app even without switching between individual apps and see entire iTunes video collection.

In a tvOS update released in December, a separate feature of single Sign-on was introduced. It lets users easily authenticate with a supported TV provider once and then access paid video apps that support the feature.

New update tvOS 10.2 beta is only available for registered developers. Apple provides public beta versions of iOS and MacOS but not for tvOS and watchOS because that are only available through its developer program.

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