NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite captured the images of Tropical Cyclone Enawo while passing over northeastern region of Madagascar. The strength of Enawo was equivalent to the Category 4 or major Hurricane which caused landfall. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite’s onboard Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) provided a visible image of Enawo on On March 7 at 10:24 UTC (5:24 a.m. EST).

The advanced imaging system of VIIRS found the center of circulation on the north-east coast of Madagascar and the thunderstorms stretched up to the middle of the island nation. Phys reported that the 20 nautical-mile-wide eye of the storm was captured by multispectral satellite imagery system, as VIIRS visible imagery system showed the clouds that filled the eye. A thick band of thunderstorm wrapped the Enawo's center of circulation from eastern to the southern quadrant, and the western side of the storm was wrapped by the southern quadrant.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center warned the eastern and central portions of Madagascar including the northern parts. They have reported that the landfall occurred on March 7, 0800 UTC (3 a.m. EST) at 50.2° E longitude and 14.6° N Lattitude between Sambava and Antalaha which is about 444 nautical miles northwest from St. Denis.

As per Mail Online report, during that landfall, the winds were gusting up to 180 miles (290 kilometers) per hour speed. It id the most powerful storm of Decade. Looking at the maximum speed of Enawo, the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale defined the storm as a Category-4 Hurricane. A Cat-4 Hurricane has enough power to damage a well-built house and uproot a tree.

Fallen trees tore down the power lines which causing power outage entire areas. The blackout will last weeks to possibly months. Most of the areas are now in inheritable condition. The Madagascar Meteorological Service has announced red alert in some areas which include: Mampikony, Port-Berger, Marolambo, Mahajanga, Antalaha.

Mitsinjo, Anosibe-Anala, Antananarivo-Atsimondrano, Antanifotsy, Antsirabe, Arivonimamo these areas are listed under Yellow Alert zones. A Green Alert is in effect for Sur Manandriana, Befotaka, Iakora, Fianarantsoa, Ikalamavony, Ivohibe, Vondrozo, Ihosy, Midongy-Atsimo.