Startup Financing Sources For Your Business -

Startup Financing Sources For Your Business

What sources of financing are available for your startup business? Startups cost money to get off the ground, build, and grow. Fortunately, there are a wide array of potential financing sources for new startup businesses. You may even stack them on top of each other as you grow.
Moon to Mars Event

NASA Estimates $28 Billion to Meet Artemis Deadlines

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently revealed its plan to meet its target of landing "the first woman and the next man on the surface of the Moon" by 2024 - but it will cost approximately $28 billion.
Electoral College Voters Cast Ballots Amid Protests

Exercising Rights to Vote Linked to Positive Mental Health

Now that the United States gets to decide its future through electing its leaders, with the right to suffrage, or voting, being one of the rights granted by the Constitution. However, aside from the human rights and civic duty involved, the very act of casting votes can also offer benefits to one's mental health.
Massachusetts Based Biotech Company Moderna Receives FDA Approval To Continue Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

Moderna, Pfizer Reveal COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Blueprints

American drug companies Moderna and Pfizer have disclosed its secret blueprints in their respective coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine trials in a move to gain the confidence of the clamoring public and scientific communities.
Microsoft In Talks To Buy TikTok App From Chinese Company ByteDance

Oracle Beats Microsoft to Become American Partner of TikTok

Chinese social media platform 'TikTok' has reached an agreement with tech giant Oracle in the bid for its U.S. operations, beating Microsoft in a landmark deal that will set precedents between American and Chinese tech entities.
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