Science Times - Archaeologists Finally Discover the Origins of Stonehenge

Finally Answered: The Origin of Stonehenge

Archaeologists directly match Stonehenge to a site 16 miles away. Discovering the origins of the gigantic sarsens solve centuries of mysteries and contradicting theories, while raising more questions.
Siberians and Native Americans Related? Recent Discovery Shows Oldest DNA Link

Evidence on Siberan and Native American DNA Link

Archaeologists discover a 14,000-year-old tooth which directly links Siberians and Native Americans. However, there had been multiple arguments and theories regarding how the first Americans crossed from Asia to North America.
File photo of archaeologists.

Archaeological Sites At Risk To Have Public Database

The Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa aims to raise awareness around the globe and increase interest on archaeological sites enthusiasts and researchers by putting up a public online database.
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