Stem Cells Open Doors To Greater Understanding Of Neurlogical Diseases

Giving Cells a "Squeeze" Makes Them Divide Faster

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston Children's Hospital have found that physically crowding cells, or "squeezing" them, affects the rate at which they grow and develop.
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Astrocytes Found Responsible for Nerve Cell Death in Glaucoma

A new study reveals that astrocytes, the star-shaped glial cells in the CNS, play an essential role in the death of nerve cells in degenerative diseases. The researchers did trials on mice to study the effects of the cell in preventing nerve damage.
A Unique Tool for Live-Cell Imaging

A Unique Tool for Live-Cell Imaging

The biomolecules human immune systems deploy to find, tag, and destroy invading pathogens are the antibodies. Their work includes binding to specific targets, called epitopes, on the surfaces of antigens, like locks to keys. Scientists have, for so many years, exploited this selective tagging mechanism in natural antibodies to engineer antibody-based probes that let them purify and study different types of proteins within cells.
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