Thousands of Endangered Antelope Deaths Have Scientists Investigating a Serious Concern

In central Kazakhstan entire herds of saiga antelope lay dead-more than 120,000, or nearly half of the species worldwide. These animals died off within two or three weeks, a shocking pace. This is an unprecedented mass mortality events for saiga antelopes relative to the total population size, and the last case in 2010 saw only 12,000 dead saiga.
Polar Bear in Arctic

Zoos Raise Awareness of Endangered Species by Making their Animals Disappear

May 15th marked the 10th anniversary of Endangered Species Day, which kicked off awareness events across the country. More than 200 zoos participated by restricting access to some of their endangered species, with the aim of giving visitors a glimpse of a world where such animals no longer existence.


As if submersion of coastal communities by rising sea levels weren’t bad enough, scientists have recently added another frightening repercussion to climate change: the loss of species. Scientists are still quibbling over the number of species that may perish with rising temperatures, some claiming zero while others predicting a whopping 54%. In an effort to refine the predictions, Marc Urban, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut, has crunched the numbers, and although his results don’t spell the end for over half the world’s species, the numbers are still frightening.

Last Male White Rhino in the World Under Heavy Guard

Sudan may appear as if he is just like any other Northern White Rhino, but in fact he is much more than that. Sudan is the last living male Northern White Rhino on the planet and conservationists need his help preventing his species from passing into oblivion. Because of his importance, he is kept under constant watch by armed guards that are there for his protection from poachers.
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