EU Slaps Google With Antitrust Charge Over Search Results

The European Union's executive branch slapped the Internet tech giant Google with official antitrust charges on Wednesday, alleging that the company abuses its dominance in Internet searches. At the same time, the EU also opened a new probe into its Android mobile operating system.

European Union Putting Pressure on Silicon Valley Giants

The European Union is putting pressure on US tech giants such as Google, Facebook and even Apple in regards to the companies' business practices and privacy settings. According to the EU officials, the European Commission is close to formally filing antitrust charges against Google, and it is also stepping up its investigation of Facebook's privacy policies

China and Google Clash Over Digital Certificates

A Chinese Internet administrator blasted Google on Thursday, after the U.S.-based tech giant decided to stop recognizing digital certificates issued by the group, following a lapse in security.
Forbes reported Microsoft is preparing to launch a smartwatch within the next few weeks

Microsoft Poised to Take on Google and Apple

Microsoft has finally decided to adopt marketing strategies like its two biggest competitors, Google and Apple in an effort to take the leaders head on and expand its market presence. The company also hopes that the Windows 10 update will return the spotlight back to the company.

Apple And Google Prepare to Patch the FREAK

Technology companies such as Google and Apple are scrambling to create a patch that will fix a major security flaw that for more than a decade has left their devices vulnerable to hacking when they visited websites that were considered secure.

Google Reverses Android Lollipop Security Decision

New phones and tablets featuring the latest version of Google's Mobile Operating System, Android 5 "Lollipop," will not have device encryption enabled by default despite earlier promises made by Internet giant.
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