Oahu Sunrise - Sony Open In Hawaii

Nonnative Birds Take Charge in Oahu Seed Dispersal

Researchers discovered that nonnative birds in the island of Oahu, Hawaii, plays a greater role in seed dispersal - with most of the seeds found belonging to plant species also nonnative to the island.
The Lava Flowing Out of Kilauea

Kilauea Caldera Collapse Caused by a Tiny Leak in Volcano

To say that the series of eruptions ended with a bang in 2018 is an understatement. Upon the culmination of the eruptions in 2018, the lava lake inside the caldera began to drain and the lower part of the Eastern Rift Zone suddenly became active spewing out lava and producing new fissures which, unfortunately, flowed towards habited lands where it destroyed 700 homes and other buildings.
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