ocean acidification


Ocean Acidification Is Killing Coral Reefs

When coral reefs and coralline algae were put to a test, the results show that there were not able to acclimatize to the acidification of the ocean waters.

Reef Oasis Found in Depths of Murky Iraqi Waters

While growing climate changes and ocean acidification pose particular threats to coral reef species around the world, it appears that researchers may have good news on the horizon. While many reefs have been well-documented and researched, a new study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports reveals that new reefs may be right under our noses, and they be far out of the tropics.

Researchers Find How Acidified Oceans Have Become with Help of NASA and ESA Satellites

While many argue that the fight against greenhouse gases is long over, climatologists and ecologists continue to urge that the battle continues on. And while the culprits are all the same, the problems with these remnants of burning fossil fuels are taking on new problems. A topic of major research has developed from these changes and now researchers are quantify just how it will impact our world in the years to come.
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