Fish Poop and Their Role in Carbon Flux In the Oceans

Fish Poop and Their Role in Carbon Flux in the Oceans

Experts estimate that 16% of the carbon in the world's oceans comes from fish poop, fish breath, and other fish excretions. This study is the first to identify the role of fish poop in the carbon flux in oceans.
Science Times - Pandemic Side Effect: Discarded Face Masks, PPEs Infecting Oceans

Discarded Face Masks and PPEs End Up in Oceans

A study approximated that more than 120 billion masks and over 60 billion plastic-containing gloves are used worldwide every month, with a substantial portion ending up in the oceans of the world.
floating rock

Floating Rocks Size of Manhattan Brave The Oceans

A volcano underneath the Pacific Ocean erupted and nobody knew about it, until the rocks the size of Manhattan, New York, were seen braving the waters to reach areas around the world.
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