plastic pollution

Converting Plastic Fuel Back Into Fossil Form Is a New Method of Greenwashing

What is Greenwashing?

The plastic waste problem has been a global issue that harms the environment and contributes to climate change. Several experts share that companies burning plastic fuel to its original fossil form are a new type of greenwashing
Unique Enzyme Combination May Help Reduce Global Plastic Waste

Two "Pac-Men" Enzymes Can Consume Plastic Waste Efficiently

Plastic-consuming organisms have been discovered years ago, yet aren't enough to efficiently rid of global plastic pollution. In a recent study, scientists combined two plastic-consuming enzymes that eat plastic up to three times faster than their natural counterparts.
Microplastics Are Found in Internal Organs

Researchers Want to Create 'An Atlas of Human Pollution'

Researchers discover microplastics in the organs of cadaver donors, revealing that everyone inevitably ingests plastic pollution. The team from Arizona State University hope to create 'an atlas of human pollution' to show how much of the organs are exposed to microplastic particles.
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