pregnant women

pregnant woman

Can Coronavirus Affect Babies in Uterus? New Study Suggests it Could

A new study reveals that the coronavirus can affect pregnant women's placenta and could possibly be a cause for complications during and after pregnancy. Although the authors believe that data is still limited to jump into conclusions, they advise pregnant mothers to take extra caution regarding their pregnancies.
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Must-Haves For Pregnant Women As Advised By Expert Moms

Are you an expectant mom? Or are you someone who's looking for the perfect present to give your pregnant friend or loved one? If you are, you've come to the right place. Listed here are some must-haves for pregnant women as advised by expert moms. Click the link above to reveal the list.

Majority of Pregnant Women Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus Were Asymptomatic; New Moms, Be Cautious, Scientists Warn

A new study from the New English Journal of Medicine revealed that 29 out of 33 pregnant women who tested positive for coronavirus were asymptomatic. This leads scientists to believe that there could be a lot of pregnant out there oblivious to the fact that they are possible carriers of the virus. Experts urge new moms to take precautions, especially when caring for their newborns.
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