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A Room-Cleaning Robot in the Works

For most of us, weekends, most especially Sundays, are spent tidying up and cleaning the house, trying to prepare for another busy week ahead. Imagine having a robot at home that could help you with all these tedious chores. This might not be so far out since according to a report by BBC, a start-up company in Japan is trying to teach a pair of machines exactly just this. It seems to be proving a bit difficult 'coz what seems like a simple job for us humans, is a surprisingly tricky task for a robot - specifically, cleaning a bedroom.
Service robots: intelligent assistants in everyday life

Robots Presented In Virtual Reality Also Scored High In Human Likeness

Most human interactions with robots come from behind a screen. Whether it's fiction or a real-life interaction, rarely are we put face to face with a robot. This poses a significant barrier when we look towards a future where robots will be part of our everyday lives.
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