ANU scientists develop new technique to purify wastewater with sunlight

Chemists Find Cheapest Way To Purify Waste Water

There is a different commercial purification system available in the market which was expensive as well as the waste of money, electricity etc. So the chemists from Australian national university developed a unique purification system to treat wastewater by using natural sunlight by using natural sunlight.
Beach and Sun

Study Finds Many Sunscreen Products Not Doing Their Job

The summer vacation season is finally here and many schools are now out for the season or about to get out. Pools are opening and beaches are gearing up for a season of sun bathers, kids and adults that are looking to enjoy a cool dip in the pool or a just a little time in the sun. However, in a new report by the Environmental Working Group, researchers have found that as much as 80 percent of sunscreen products don't work to the level they claim, and some could even be dangerous.
Filament from the Sun

NASA Video Shows Giant Solar Filament Exploding from the Sun

A new video has been released by NASA that shows our very own Sun sending out a giant solar filament, extending its visible hemisphere by close to half. The incident occurred last week and demonstrates the raw power and influence the Sun has on Earth and the rest of the solar system.
The Sun

Sun Experiences Seasons Just Like the Earth

A new study has found that just like the Earth, our Sun experiences seasonal changes which scientists believe can now help them better predict solar storms.

Astronomers Adopt a Forming Star, Watching it Grow for 18 Years 4200 Light-Years Away

While researchers may have missed the formation of our very own Sun by a few billion years, in essence they have become surrogate parents to many other stars formed since the dawn of the telescope. Watching one such infant star well into its adulthood, researchers with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory this week released a time lapse of one such star, affectionately named “W75N(B)-VLA 2”, which reveals the earliest formations of a massive young star over the course of 18 years. The beginning and ending images released this week reveal a dramatic difference in the star’s developmental stages and highlights theories that astronomers have posited for decades, as they wondered if they would ever catch a glimpse of stars forming in such a way as researchers today have been able to do.
Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Guide March 2015—How To Watch it Tonight From Anywhere on Earth

A rather rare occurrence, happening once every year or two, a total eclipse of the sun is a pretty big deal in the sky-watching community. Not only is it special because the sun’s disk entirely covered by the moon, but also because it’s a cosmic occurrence right in our back yard. But for those not living in the Arctic or on the Faroe Islands archipelago between Norway and Iceland, tonights events may be a little hard to see.
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