Sitka Spruce

Nature's Giants: 5 of the Tallest Trees in the World

Most of the tallest trees in the world belong to the Sequoia sempervirens or the redwoods, but other species have also given birth to exceptional specimens. Here are five of the tallest trees in the world:
Sequoias And Coastal Redwoods Appear To Flourish Despite Climate Change

Lasers Can Now Measure Biomass in Giant Redwoods

New research from the University College London (UCL) demonstrates the first application of laser technology for the measurement of volume and biomass of giant trees - used in the great Californian redwoods in this case.
Planting trees in the city is more important than you can imagine

Urban Trees Reduce Pollution and Heatwaves

Instead of constructing buildings and roads, it's hightime for people in the urban regions to think about planting trees as they reduce pollution and protect us from heatwaves.
How Trees Affect the Weather

How Trees Affect the Weather

Biologists from the University of Utah including William Anderegg, Anna Trugman, and David Bowling have led new research and discovered that some trees and plants are prolific spendthrifts in drought conditions, "spending" precious soil water to cool themselves and, in the process, making droughts more intense. The researchers published their findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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