Scientist Are Looking For Big Bang Related Sign In The Desert

Scientist Are Looking For Big Bang Related Sign In The Desert

The limitless space of the Universe contained with uncountable stars, several planetary systems, Pulsars, black holes, Nebula, Supernovas etc. Apart from these cosmic objects, some distinct properties also result after the Big Bang. Scientist presumes these properties may hold the answer of the early stage of the Universe.
Expedition 46 On International Space Station

Artificial Intelligence Helps In Astronomical Research

Artificial intelligence algorithm will help the astronomers and scientists to map the dynamics of the universe. Neural nets are kind of artificial brain that mimicking the way we think and it is steadily being used to unravel the universe mysteries.
History of the Universe

Fire Starter—ESA’s Planck Satellite Reveals Later Star Formations

Looking to gather a clearer view of the history of our Universe, researchers with the ESA’s Planck satellite constructed a new image of the entire sky, utilizing Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) fossil light originating only 380,000 years after the creation of the Universe. The new sky map uncovers the polarized light from the Universe’s early formation, and reveals that the first stars may have originated far later than researchers once thought.
Mysterious Object in Milky Way

‘G2’ Gas Ball Survives Black Hole, and Researchers Say They Now Know Why

For years, astronomers have pondered the origins and the contents of the mysterious G2 object floating in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Drifting towards the galaxy’s supermassive black hole, the passing cloud was thought to be composed entirely of hydrogen gas, giving it the nickname “G2”. But earlier this past summer researchers found that G2 had come in close contact with the black hole, and it survived—leading them on a new theory as to what the mysterious object could be.
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