The Foodies Beneath Our Feet—Urban Ants Like Human Food Too

It might be a sad fact, but in our daily lives, the most obvious example of species cohabitation may just be that of humans and ants. Now they’re not man’s best friend, that’s an obvious fact, but these little pests get away with a lot and whether we like it our not they tend to keep coming back. But when researchers looked into the tiny species, they revealed that the reason for their blissful cohabitation may be a lot more similar to why dogs like human homes as well—namely table scraps.

Climate Change And the Urban Heat Island in California's Central Valley

Life’s warm in California, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a beach. Today is March 27th and it’s barely the start of spring, yet we’re currently in the 90s and four degrees above the anticipated high for the day. And with an ever-changing landscape, going from rural to urban through land conversion, researchers expect for the heat of our situation to continue to rise. But some researchers are hopeful that with new technology and new techniques in urban design, California may be able to keep its cool days and its beach appeal even in the Central Valley.
The Atlantic Coast leopard frog, discovered in Staten Island, was the first new amphibian to be discovered in New York and New England since 1882.

Crytptic New Species of Leopard Frog Found in New York City

For a field-based ecologist, the continental United States is pretty much a textbook of well-known organisms. The thrilling new species often making front-page news are more likely to found in the tropics or open-oceans, than in the plains of the Midwest or the large metropolis cities of the East and West coasts. With such well-defined niche habitats, the species in the United States aren’t too surprising to the experienced biologist, however, sometimes new life can be found where you’d least expect it. No, we’re not talking about the mutant turtles in the sewers of New York City, but it does appear the jam-packed hub may be home to another unique amphibian, colloquially known as the “Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog”.
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