'Nuclear Power' Found Limitless Via Seawater Uranium Extraction To Supply The World's Renewable Energy

By Cristina Limpiada | Feb 21, 2017 12:05 AM EST

The search for the energy source is never ending. Good thing there's uranium and its extraction from seawater found to supply nuclear power.

The search for nuclear power energy is a competing factor the three great nations- Japan, China, and America. According to Forbes, the three countries are dying to make an economic extraction of uranium from seawater. When this happens, this could possibly result in an unlimited supply of nuclear power in the world.

Studies reveal that uranium extraction from seawater can produce nuclear power making it completely renewable. With this idea, nuclear power can be as endless like hydro, solar and wind renewable energies.

To complete the research, the leading country, America is planning to change the supply of their power plants from ore mined into seawater extraction. The country's DOE's Pacific Northwest (PNNL) and Oak Ridge (ORNL) National laboratories have already made the extraction possible.

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According to Science Blog, Professor Steven Chu, a former U.S. Secretary of DOE and a Nobel-Prize Winner Physicist is the person who encouraged uranium extraction. Chu said, "We need nuclear power as a bridge toward a post-fossil-fuel future and seawater extraction is the answer to meet the energy needs." But, it would need a supply of about four billion tons of uranium from seawater to fuel a 1,000-MW nuclear power plants for a hundred years.

Meanwhile, the idea of uranium extraction from seawater for a nuclear power energy have long known by scientists. Now, they've just improved the process on the three variables such as capacity, rate, and reuse.

Likewise, they are totally dependent on the three main variables the complete the process. The variables include: how much uranyl sticks to the fibers, how the ions can be captured quickly and how many times the fibers can be reused. "We have a lot of work to do in the uranium extraction from seawater, but these are the big steps to an endless nuclear power energy," Chu confidently said.

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