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Health Watch: 'Gluten-Free Foods' Endanger Health Due To High Levels Of Toxic Metals Content

Feb 20, 2017 02:51 PM EST

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A new study reveals the potential risks of jumping to gluten-free foods. The foods have the high concentration of toxic metals causing diseases.

Researchers have found out the worst effect of gluten-free foods in the health of an individual. It is now a threat to every ones' health for the effect can cause cancer, cardiovascular, neurological problems and more. This is because, there are high levels of toxic like mercury and arsenic in gluten-free foods, Chicago Tribune reported.

According to Fox News Health the group of researchers from the University of Illinois, Chicago gave caution to those who ate rice flour. They explained that rice flour is not a good substitute for wheat because it accumulates metal-causing cancer.

Also, they mentioned that the two toxic contents get into the rice through the use of fertilizers in the soil and water. Rice-based products based on emerging evidence possibly contain increased levels of toxic metals like the arsenic and methylmercury exposure.

On top of this, Americans are worried for there is already an increase of 67 percent from 2013 to 2015 about people who eat gluten-free foods. This threatens the health department of the US and if possible, they would likely to adapt the Europe regulation with this matter.

Maria Argos, assistant professor of Epidemiology in UIC School of Public Health is in charge with the study. She mentioned that as an immediate action, they already regulate the levels of arsenic in the water. But, if the consumption of rice flour will be continued, the risk for exposure will give way to regulate this on food.

An experiment was conducted to 7,471 participants, with 73 people on a gluten-free diet. The subjects were tested for urine and blood samples wherein arsenic levels are found twice as high from the 73 people. Also, there is a 70 percent higher mercury levels in that same group of people.

To note, these gluten-free diets are only recommended for celiac disease people. However, if this would cause other diseases and health risks which are more life-threatening, it will be best to stop it.  

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