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'Apple iPhone 8' Latest News & Updates: Release Date, Price And Curved Plastic OLED Panels From Samsung

Mar 18, 2017 08:19 AM EDT

Apple iPhone 8 Curved OLED Screen
(Photo : News Update 24/Youtube) Apple iPhone 8 Curved OLED Screen

Apple iPhone 8 release date and price is all set. The latest rumor claims its screens are curved OLED panels from Samsung.

Hottest leaks with the Apple iPhone 8 persist the idea of having a curved plastic OLED panel from Samsung, but not as curvy as those in the Galaxy models. More so, the smartphone will be likely to be launch early at the 10th Anniversary of Apple iPhone in September 2017.

According to Tech Radar, the new Apple iPhone 8 will be likely to be released in the first week of September 2017 and be on sale in the mid of the same month. Its price will be around $700 and will be first to be seen in Apple Store and leading retailers of the Cupertino-based company.

Meanwhile, according to 9To5Mac, three new iPhones will be introduced this Spring; the iPhone, iPhone 7s and the much-awaited Apple iPhone 8. More so, Apple claims its plan of having the rumored curved plastic OLED display panel. However, the curved OLED will not be as curvy as that on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Curved OLED display will be in a 5.8-inches screen and confirmed to be without any home buttons and bezels. Rumors claim that Apple has already ordered numerous pieces of the curved plastic OLED panels for the Apple iPhone 8. And surprisingly, Apple has ordered the curved OLED displays from one of its great competitor, Samsung.

And to everyone's surprise, Samsung is said to have closed a deal with the Cupertino-based Company and provide Apple with more than 100 million OLED screens to supply the production of the iPhone 8. To note, AMOLED or OLED technology was first used by Samsung on its Galaxy S7 Edge phones.

Apart from this, though both the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung will feature the same curved OLED display, there would be a major difference. Apple iPhone 8 curved OLED display will be mainly for visual effects rather than for new features. The curve will be even gentler for the sake of the glass covers.

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