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Samsung Frame TV Looks Amazingly Like A Wall Art Frame, Available This Spring

Mar 16, 2017 06:59 PM EDT


Samsung Frame TV incredible shown its aesthetic style. Frame TV has more than 100 art designs making it look like a frame.

The tech giant has shown another surprising creation of their company. The previously-teased "The Frame TV" shows an amazing style, which other manufacturers doesn't conceptualize before. Engadget reported, that what makes Samsung Frame TV different is its switching Art Mode.

For everyone's surprise, Samsung Frame TV can be mistakenly viewed as an ordinary wall art frame. It is because, the latest Samsung TV model can display more than 100 pieces of art work like animals, landscapes, and nature in its idle mode, making it a very interesting home décor.

According to PC Magazine, the Samsung Frame TV has a double purpose, it can be a giant TV and at the same time a wall painting. Aside from its viewing purposes, the Frame TV is designed to be hand on the wall for it uses the new gapless wall mount and Invisible Connections technology.

Additionally, the bezels or frames of the latest Samsung Frame TV is swappable to match the decorations on the wall or the room where it is located. The Samsung Frame TV will be available this spring, but the specs and pricing are still not yet announced.

Unlike Samsung's other TV designs, for the Frame TV, the company has hired the service of Yves Behar, a Swiss designer for creating the full design of the TV. And because the design is unique and aesthetic, it is expected to cost higher than an actual piece of art or from the previous TV models of the company.

Recently, Samsung has its QLED sets of TV models which are the company's latest available quality TV, with prices starting at $2,800. Samsung QLED technology shows an eliminated color distortion and at the same time greatly achieves 100 percent color volume. However, the same technology may also be present at the upcoming Samsung Frame TV.

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