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Transparent Touchpad Can Be Implanted On The Skin, Lets Anyone Play Games And Type Words [WATCH]

Mar 18, 2017 08:21 AM EDT


Scientists said the bendable, stretchable and transparent touchpad is the best. It lets anyone play games and type words in the skin.

Latest invention today is the extraordinary transparent touchpad which features several incredible characteristics. IEEE Spectrum reported the technology behind the newest bendable, stretchable and transparent touchpad which can be used to type words or even play games while implanted inside the body.

Scientists have explored the idea behind the carbon nanotubes, some advanced materials, and metal nanowires. The study made them developed a touchpad that can be as flexible as the human body after several trials.

Scientists from Seoul National University made use of a very stretchable hydrogel that makes the transparent touchpad as soft as contact lenses. More so, the scientists used a small AC voltage to all four corners of the touchpad to make it work with signals and for the current to flows.

The transparent touchpad is 98 percent invisible and upon further test, the researchers were able to draw a figure, "Hello world!" using the touchpad. Furthermore, the researchers were able to play chess and play the piano as well with the use of the touchpad even when bent around a person's arm.

According to Mail Online, the transparent touchpad was also used to play Angry Bird's game. It even impressively able to operate even when the person's arm is stretched up to 1,000 percent that the normal.

The electrodes on the panel of the transparent touchpad make everything work. It is because these electrodes create an electrostatic field across the sheet, so when a person presses on the touchpad, it then able to closes an electrical circuit.

John Rogers, a scientist from the University of Illinois who did not take part in the research indeed agree on the skin implant of the transparent touchpad. Rogers said, "The skin would be definitely a great starting point for such these kinds of electronic interface since implanting it would only pose minimal health impacts."

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