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Nanosatellite Battery Helps Electric Cars Become Five Times More Reliable Compared To Conventional System

Mar 19, 2017 06:12 PM EDT


Nanosatellite battery, the battery used in space. Just how efficient it is in space, it is more reliable on electric cars.

TechRadar reported how tough it is to calculate how much batteries and power would be needed to operate flawlessly in space. But now, the use of Nanosatellite battery allows engineers to make far more accurate predictions and calculations on the power needed for space operations.

Holder Hermanns led a team of researchers together with his students Marvin Stenger and Gilles Nies. They have built a battery model, the Nanosatellite battery that can monitor the exact amount of energy is available. More so, it can monitor how much of the energy is chemically bound or not immediately usable.

According to Science Daily, aside from space use, electric cars are already benefiting from Nanosatellite battery. Hermann and his two students focused on the recovery effect, which is a popular phenomenon from mobile phones.

The idea from mobile phones wherein, if the phone dies due to an empty battery, it will take only just a few minute before the phone can be turn on and use again. Hermann mentioned how important was just at least for a short time of battery availability. Meanwhile, in connection with the Nanosatellite battery, the new battery model can be used to monitor the exact currently available amount of battery available.

With this, the Hermann and his students were able to calculate the probability of the discharged battery at the moment. "Batteries are ubiquitous, and a good battery model helps in a lot of situations," Hermanns said.

Furthermore, Hermanns stated it clearly that they can be able to calculate how much Nanosatellite battery needed for an electric car going to the airport. Hermanns and his students will present the Nanosatellite battery replica at the Cebit Computer Fair in Hannover.

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