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Music Streaming: Here's The Top Five Best Services

Mar 20, 2017 05:11 AM EDT

Due to higher storage capacities, people started using physical recordings instead of using streaming services. Still, there are many listeners who choose music streaming services. It offers a variety of songs and features.

Here are top five music streaming services for all different types of listeners according to Digital Trends. These are helpful when the user wants to find any music, streaming radio or highest audio resolution.

Spotify: It is the most popular music streaming services with millions more paying subscribers than its closest competition, over 50 million in total. Spotify is the best music discovery platform that offers a huge catalog. Along with Android, iOS and desktop, it supports third-party integration like Amazon's Alexa and Google Cast. Spotify is free with ads, $10/month ad-free for a single user, $15/month ad-free for families up to 6 users and $5/month for students.

Apple Music: As written in 9to5Mac, Apple Music has well past 20 million paying users according to Eddy Cue. It costs same as its biggest competitor, Spotify. It is the second-most popular amongst music streaming services. Apple users prefer this service because of its iOS and MacOS integration. Apple Music allows users to store up to 25,000 songs for later use while Spotify set downloads cap at 9,999.

Pandora: It is a free ad-based radio that costs $5/month for ad-free streaming and $10/month for on-demand music streaming. Pandora is useful when the user wants to listen to it continuously and not stay connected. Its Music Genome Project and on-demand streaming tier that features 40 million tracks make it special in music streaming services.

SoundCloud: This music streaming service is mainly for the indie music fans with over a 100 million user-created tracks. SoundCloud is free with ads and $5/month for ad-free access to 120 million user-added tracks and $10 for extra 30 million major tracks. Users who love creativity will find a various unknown talented artist. There are around 200 million active users.

Tidal: People who love music, who wants highest resolution songs and who are willing to pay for it will choose Tidal. It costs $10/month for 320 kbps and $20/month for 1411 kbps streaming. This is the premium music streaming service for die-hard music fans.

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