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Bugs Found As Clean As Humans When It Comes To Poops

Mar 20, 2017 07:27 PM EDT


Entomologists were able to find out that bugs poop too. Surprisingly, they are as clean as humans and have the own bathroom too.

In a report published by Seeker, curious entomologists were paid to conduct a study in the habit of "Lasius Niger" or commonly known as the black garden ants. Surprisingly, entomologists noticed some dark patches at the corners of these ants' colonies.

To find the truth behind their hypothesis, the entomologists conducted a simple experiment of feeding the ants with undigestible dye. Later on, they found the dyes at the corner of the ants' colonies which serve as the place where they poop, which is segregated from the entire area.

Meanwhile, according to Live Science, insect's poop is called "frass." However, these frass does not only prove the research of entomologists but rather used for some strange things. Some bugs or insects uses their poop in signaling others which belong to their species to come out or else these are used in introducing their newborns.

An entomologist, Joe Ballenger stated that a bug has also a digestive system which is similar to the human but subdivided into three parts. The parts of the guts of a common bug are foregut, midgut and the hindgut, wherein the latter is just like the large intestine.

Ballenger also said that the typical poop of bugs looks like some tiny pellets, while wood-booring bugs have sawdust poops and large bugs produce larger poops. Eventually, most of these poops are returned back into the environment and converted into fertilizer, like that of termites and bark beetles.

In the study conducted with the black garden ants, its poops are not removed from its colonies, unlike other bugs which segregate its poops and converted into fertilizer. On this observation, the entomologists believe that the poops of black garden ants might also be serving some healthful bacteria benefits to young ants.

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