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Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News: Reveals Colors, Pricing And More!

Mar 21, 2017 01:35 AM EDT

(Photo : YouTube/iTech) Gadget leaker Evan Blass has apparently leaked critical details about Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is not the first time there is leakage about Samsung Galaxy S8. But, this time, it might have revealed the first look of the highly-anticipated smartphone. The spilled information also reveals the amount Samsung's new gadget will cost.

Device leaker Evan Blass posted the leaks on Twitter and recommended that the new gadget would be accessible in arctic silver, orchid grey, black sky. Samsung Galaxy S8 is anticipated to release later in March. Blass posted another tweet to report the European price tags for the mobile handset.

Spilled information tells that Samsung Galaxy S8 will accompany a DeX docking station and a Gear VR headset. As per the leaker's tweets, the S8 will cost around $860. This implies it will cost around AU$1,120 in Australia and €799 in Europe. The S8 Plus model is anticipated to cost around $965 (AU$1,250 and €899).

Some Twitter clients are not glad that Blass is revealing all the details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 in advance. The client wants it to be a surprise. The device leaker, however, said that that issue could be unraveled if the client unfollowed him. He evidently cited that he was in no mood to stop releasing critical inside information about the up and coming devices. In the meantime, he told individuals to stop asking more data. He further said that they "make the most of what's there and anticipate the official revealing."

Samsung Galaxy S8 is speculated to accompany ultra-high-def 4K resolution, a dual curved display, and an upgraded home button. Samsung has not made any remark about the leak. The company is apparently sitting tight for the March 29 Unboxed event in New York, CNET announced.

The Verge wrote that Blass was the one to disclose the "first pictures" of the S8 gadget in January. His new pics showed the S8's available colors. Samsung Galaxy S8 ought to be accessible in the market on April 21.

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