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Microsoft's New Tool: Mac To Surface Assistant: Dramatically Speed Up The Data Transfer

Mar 21, 2017 03:56 AM EDT

This year is going to be a massive year for both Microsoft and Apple lovers. There are lots of new gadgets and features being disclosed day by day. A new application is launched by Microsoft, which is code-named by Mac to Surface Assistant.

Now Microsoft wants to make life easier for anyone who has decided to ditch their Mac. This Mac to surface application helps to migrate the data from Mac to a new Surface Pro, Surface Book or Surface studio.

As per Digital Trends, Microsoft's new tool is the company's latest move to lure customers away from Apple. After installing Mac to Surface Assistant, users can easily transfer the data over to the surface, like photographs, music and other personal documents. In detail, once a folder is chosen by the users then set the destination for the file achieve, before transferring the data.

According to Microsoft, its Surface product works great with Apple's devices and services. An information shared by AppleInsider is that Apple itself already provides its own migration tools, for moving data from Windows to Mac and Android to iOs for Apple owners. Apart from this, in addition to targeting designers and architects with the new Surface Studio all-in-one PC in October. The company said this Mac to Surface assistant will be unveiled soon in this year.

The company also dished out a $650 trade-in discount to Mac owners to apply toward a new Surface device.Microsoft has previously offered to Surface users with an online guidance. How to transfer the data to its windows tablet line. But recently, Microsoft has not promoted the tool and the switching guide does not yet mention its availability. At the same time, Mac to Surface tool makes the data migration quick and painless.

This Mac to Surface Assistant tool is very much user-friendly. Users will be guided through the process of choosing what they want to do, back up and be prompted to save it to a removable hard drive.Regretfully, there is no option for wireless transfer.

There are a fair amount of competitions and debates around Windows and MacOS. But there are customers who are looking for a device like Surface, which can make the migration easier. Finally, it requires an external drive that is larger in capacity than the storage unit used for the Mac. A free copy of Mac to Surface Assistant is available now, users can download it directly from the Microsoft Offical site.

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