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Android's Next Version 'O' Is All Set To Save Your Phone Battery, Google Releases Developer's Preview

Mar 22, 2017 07:52 AM EDT


Google has come up with a new version of Android OS known as "Android O". The next generation of Android Smartphone and devices will reportedly be powered by the new OS. The "Android O" OS is likely to be available to the customers by next fall.

According to CNBC, the "Android O" OS will have certain changes for the consumers and developers. The main focus will be on improving battery life of the devices. Google claims that a new function has been incorporated in "Android O", which enables the operating system to determine the activities that applications can perform in the background, thus ensuring longer battery life to the user.

"Android O" is also likely to have "Picture-in-Picture" facility, a feature that will enable the user to watch movies or video clips while checking emails or going through websites at the same time. This feature is a common one for Apple iPad users. More information about the new operating system will be available by the next Google I/O that will take place in May 2017.

According to Wired, the "Android O" OS offers a feature named "notification channels" which will eventually let the developers put different types of notifications in their respective segments and control them individually. It will also be channelized in a way that will help users to go through them easily.

Among other features on "Android O", a new Autofill API helps the user to fill in passwords, addresses, and other personal information via an app. This will help the users to get better protection of their personal information. A new feature on "Android O" will also enable users to take their calls via the third party calling apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

The new "Android O" OS is aimed at making Android a better platform across devices and form factors. Just like all its previous versions, a new name for the new OS will also probably be revealed at the Google I/O later this year.

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