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Third-Generation Apple Watch May Receive & Make Phone Calls: Reports Reveal Tech Device’s Probable Cellular Connectivity

Mar 28, 2017 12:35 PM EDT

Apple watch
(Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images) New reports explore the chances of cellular connectivity in the third generation Apple watch that may create a new dimension in the tech arena.

Recent news unveils that the upcoming third-generation Apple watch may explore the cellular connectivity. The existing version of this modern tech device has so far gained excellent popularity.

Apple devices always create attention for the tech enthusiasts. Different rumors also take place. This time the probability of the cellular connectivity in the third-generation Apple watch is explored. The watch will include a SIM card in order to unveil the LTE feature, Barron's Tech Trader Daily stated.

The Cupertino-based tech giant may add the company's AirPods to the third-generation Apple watch to receive and make phone calls. Cellular connectivity means a better battery life. Hopefully, the company will increase the battery life of the third generation Apple watch with the VOIP and a CAT-M1 connection.

Efforts are going on for so many years by the tech giant to add a cellular modem to its modern watch, Mac Rumors reported. The company has not yet achieved the success due to the battery problem. Rumors flooded in 2016 about the inclusion of the low-power cellular chips in the second generation watch, but users experienced no such feature. Now the third-generation Apple watch may bring opportunity with a developed technological approach.

The probable cellular connection of the third-generation Apple watch will certainly lower the use of the iPhone to make and receive phone calls. Though, it is obvious that a separate data plan is essential for this. Apart from this information, other rumors indicate the improvements in hardware to boost the battery life of the watch.

The tech enthusiasts so far have analyzed many probable features about the watch of the tech giant. Now it is time to see whether the upcoming third-generation Apple watch can touch all the mentioned features or not. Expectations are always high for every Apple device.

It is not necessary that rumors will be true all the time. But, some information always unveils few possibilities. The third-generation Apple watch may bear those possibilities.


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