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Intel Optane Memory Rivals SSD's Speed At Much Lower Price

Mar 29, 2017 04:21 AM EDT


Intel has introduced its Optane memory based devices in the market. Intel Optane is claimed to be a revolutionary memory system which can change the whole picture of modern computing by providing lighting fast speed to the users, which is better than conventional SSD's.

According to PC World, the Intel Optane memory based devices will be available for the consumers from April 24. They will be coming in two variants, a 16GB model priced $44 and a 32GB model costing $77. Mind boggling reading and writing speeds of 1.2GBps and 280MBps are claimed to be the prime features of the devices by Intel.

Reportedly, Optane memory is based on the "3D Xpoint Memory" architecture announced by Intel in 2015. Intel says that the Optane memory is as fast as the DRAM memory found in the PC's these days while being as stable as the NAND memory found on pricier laptops. Intel also claims that the Optane memory gives out a better performance than any SSD, along with far better latency. Besides, attainment of high peak performances at much lesser "queue depth" is also attained by the installation of Intel Optane memory.

According to Gizmodo, till date, it was not possible for the consumers to get a good system without spending a lot of money. That scenario is going to change on its head, now that the Optane memory is here, says Intel. A traditional 500GB M.2 SSD costs $168 while a conventional 1TB hard drive and a 32GB Intel Optane memory chip will retail for $127. That shows how much better speed and performance a user can derive at a much lower price.

However, all the Intel users will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the Optane memory. PC's having only "Kaby Lake" processors and Optane memory ready motherboards will be able to run it for the time being. Intel, though, has said that almost all new laptops with Kaby Lake processors will contain Intel Optane memory in the forthcoming days.

Going by Intel, all laptops appearing later this year will hopefully be Optane ready. The company says that the introduction of Intel Optel technology is going to be as historical as the innovation of steam engine, electricity, and the first space shuttle.   

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