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Apple May Unveil New iPhone 8 & iPhone 7s With High Price Tag & Elegant Specs

Mar 29, 2017 05:16 AM EDT


A recent report reveals some astounding features of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s. This year, consumers may experience new design and new size handsets from the house of Apple.

For the last few months, several reports are surfacing about the upcoming handsets of Apple. Tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to cherish the probable iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s. Popular analyst Rod Hall presents some reports regarding these two handsets.

The new redesigned iPhone can be a good choice for those consumers who still use the older phones and waiting for the upgrade. According to Rod Hall, tech giant Apple is trying to control the demand for the new phones with a high price tag. He also opines that the company must be ready to sell at least 260 million handsets this year, Business Insider reported. No doubt the news of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s increases the interest of the consumers.

Last year the tech company was able to set a target of 211 million. Reports say that the iPhone 8 or the iPhone Pro will get a price tag of $1,000. As already mentioned, that Apple is desperate to control the high demand of a new phone. Apart from the iPhone Pro, iPhone 7s may also get an increased price tag.

New reports reveal a list of new probable specs and features about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s. The handsets will include OLED screen and a camera with the refocusing quality. Most probably the screen will boost the "edge-to-edge" feature. A good number of people think that the tech giant Apple will bring something astonishing this time.

The upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s may have a front facing camera that can explore the 3D facial recognition feature. That means Apple will build a camera that can focus on the 3D effects. The rear camera should also avail some improvements.

Surprisingly, Rod Hall utters that the iPhone 8 may not have the fingerprint sensor, though most people reject this concept. According to AppleInsider, the tech company can create a virtual home button that will be present within the touchscreen. It is an obvious fact that Apple will surely add some new features to the iPhone Pro and iPhone 7s to satisfy the consumers.

Wireless charging must be a common factor for both iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s. Both the handsets will be sufficiently big in size as Apple now prefers large screen phones. Fans and tech users are now eagerly waiting to cherish the upcoming handsets with new enthusiasm.


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