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Robots & High-Tech Solutions Contribute In Combat Against World Hunger

Mar 29, 2017 06:54 AM EDT

Robots and high-tech solutions used to fight world hunger
(Photo : AmazingEarth/Youtube) Robots and high-tech solutions used to fight world hunger

Robots are now used to fight against world hunger. Get to know the latest and high technology do to grow food faster.

The world's present situation today involves the imbalance between the population and source of food. Basf reported how robots and high-tech solutions contribute in the fight against world hunger in several ways.

Recent researchers showed a projection that there will be two billion people who will need to be fed in the next 33 years. This incurs a huge problem and food crisis, the reason why scientists today studies, how to end hunger in the next couple of years though it hasn't been started yet.

According to Science Daily, three years ago, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded $20 million grant for the University of Missouri for a paid study on how corn still maintains root growth despite the drought conditions. To support the study, the university engineers developed a robot that changed the scientist's ways.

Since that time, the robot contributed and made a difference in the study of crops in times of drought. Another great contribution of robot and high-tech solutions is the creation of green walls in cities. Green walls aim the use of vertical spaces in actual farming such as the side of a building or apartments.

Founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute, Lester R. Brown, believes that "Food is the new oil, a land is a new gold." Because of this, planting was conceptualized to be on Sky Greens, a nine-meter-high planting shelves used for cabbage, spinach, and lettuce. This vertical farming method was proven effective in Singapore and Japan factories.

Additionally, with the aid of a tablet or smartphone, farming becomes modernized. The apps help in diagnosing crop diseases so that it can be further sustained. There will also be camera-assisted sprayers that save time and precisely targets the leaves of plants making it more efficient.

The contribution of robots and high-tech solutions in farming and agriculture is a great demand which international organizations should focus. This fight for hunger should be well organized and given attention for the benefits of humanities in the future.

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