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Cyborg System Lets Human Minds Control Cyborg Turtles

Mar 31, 2017 07:05 AM EDT

Cyborg Turtles can be controlled by human minds
(Photo : mihaifrancu /Youtube) Cyborg Turtles can be controlled by human minds

Cyborg turtles will make human minds in the state of telekinesis. Using concept systems, researchers find ways to control turtle's minds.

Digital Trends reported how researchers from Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology develops a technology known as cyborg system. Cyborg system will let people control cyborg turtles using human minds.

With the combination of human-turtle interface and brain-computer interfaces, the cyborg system becomes possible. Both interfaces will send signals from the brain to computers and vice versa to commit effective communication.

According to New Atlas, the concept system will allow a human driver to use the Brain-Computer Interface or BCI. The BCI will then send the instructions directly to the Human-Turtle Interface of HCI to give directions for the cyborg turtle.

The BCI system used in the concept system of controlling a cyborg turtle using human minds has been proven for its worth. The BCI systems control drones, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, and cars, however, this will be the first time that the BCI systems will be used to a live turtle.

Among all animals, a turtle was selected to be experimented and changed to a cyborg turtle which can be controlled by human minds for its relatively smart brain as well as its unique navigation system that can be hacked easily. More so, researchers believe that the cyborg system can match well in turtles because the animal has the ability to distinguish the differences between wavelengths of light.

The researchers planned to mount the cyborg system and make cyborg turtle using the camera, Raspberry Pi module, battery, a WIFI transceiver, a servo motor and a black semi-cylinder to surround in its body. On the other hand, the human mind could control the brain of the cyborg turtle using a Head-Mounted Display or HMD with a camera and BCI system.

Researchers believe in the ability of cyborg turtles that is controlled by human minds for military and surveillance use. The cyborg system is a great invention not only for controlling turtles but for future use.

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