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Raspberry Pi 3 Comes With Microsoft Cortana Voice Assistance Thru Windows 10 Creators Update

Apr 12, 2017 02:49 AM EDT

Raspberry Pi 3 Comes With Microsoft Cortana Voice Assistant
(Photo : Android Authority /Youtube) Raspberry Pi 3 Comes With Microsoft Cortana Voice Assistant

Raspberry Pi 3 comes with Microsoft Cortana voice assistant. The duo combines with the Windows 10 Creators Update OS making devices cool.

Raspberry Pi 3 now comes available with Microsoft Cortana voice assistance and Windows 10 Creators Update making a wonderful team. The combination of the three can make devices as cool as before giving availability to accept voice commands.

PCWorld reported to make everything running smoothly, a user must upgrade first the popular Raspberry Pi 3 into a board that can totally run Windows 10 IoT Core. Afterward, the Windows Cortana voice assistance and Raspberry Pi 3 can be used the same way it is used in Personal Computers.

More so, with the new update, the combination of Windows Cortana and Raspberry Pi 3 along with Windows 10 Creators Update can make the customized commands applicable for the devices in a more useful way. According to Value Walk, the commands can be fully integrated to create reminders and events. Also, it can provide the better dictionary, mapping, news, lookups as well as other functions.

Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft early mentioned that the Windows 10 is designed to empower the creator inside all developers. Mehdi even mentioned that this time, users can have the ability to dream big such as in terms of starting a new company, inventing a product and more.

Another benefit the integration make use of the Raspberry Pi 3 in building smart devices which are can be accompanied with the commands Windows Cortana voice assistant. However, the accepted devices are only Windows 10 IoT Core-based and not Linux-based Operating Systems.

Furthermore, aside from the features of Microsoft Cortana voice assistance for the Raspberry Pi 3 brought forth by the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft also mentioned the "chit chat," one of the Cortana functionality that typically referred to as the charbots a competitor of Google Assistant (voice assistant) and Amazon's Alexa.

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