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Dairy-Free Diet Could Result To Osteoporosis & Other Poor Bone Health Risks, Experts Warn

Apr 14, 2017 02:32 AM EDT

Dairy-Free diet was found out to pose furture risk of poor bone conditions.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Experts reveal that cutting or reducing dairy from diet would weaken bones which could lead to other serious problems.

Many people of today’s generation were discovered to have been undergoing a dairy-free diet. Yet, experts and survey reveal that cutting the calcium enriched food may result in future bone risks.

According to BBC, the National Osteoporosis Society surveyed 2,000 adults. The survey was reported to include 239 under the age of 25 and 339 aged 25-35. The investigation by the charity then found out that a fifth of under-25s was undergoing dairy-free diet. Some in the same age bracket were discovered to either cut or reduce their dairy.

Furthermore, the NOS noted that with the generation of people restricting their diet, risks could become visible in the future. They stated that those younger generations could have widespread issues including less calcium in their body that would, later on, result in their bones being brittle and weak if they would continue their dairy-free diet.

Charity adviser Professor Susan Lanham-New then noted that osteoporosis would become the generation’s top issue in the days to come if their dairy-free diet continues. She then noted that the bone condition would become the hard to reverse when people turn to their twenties. Lanham-New then advised that people should do everything to avoid it since they only have once chance in life to prevent it.

Moreover, the reason for the people engaging a dairy-free diet isn’t still known. But experts say that people idolizing other habits of their idols, celebrity trends and Instagram or Facebook posts are what made them be influenced on taking that kind of diet routine.

A Message to My Younger Self, the NOS campaign was also mentioned to be supported by nutrition expert Liz Earle. She also noted how her food wasn't photographed when she was young, also pointing out to Instagram posts influencing people to do dairy-free diet per Huffington Post.

Nonetheless, it was stated by the British Nutrition Foundation that cutting dairy isn’t necessary. The spokesperson then noted that it isn’t dairy-free diet that is dangerous, but not replacing it with other calcium-enriched foods poses the risks.

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